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Life Library

This online, round-the-clock resource is the best way to learn from Life Leadership’s world-class personal, professional and financial content. Whether you are an audio or visual learner, the library is easy to use and can be formatted to meet your specific interests. Search options allow you to filter by speaker or subject matter and if you find a talk that you want to hear over and over again, the library allows you to save it to a “favorites” folder for quick retrieval. Life Library was designed for you to learn from experts in the industry right from your computer or mobile device.

Life Live

Life Live is a system of live educational events held across most of our markets on a monthly basis. Experience the thrill of a live event and the power of associating with other winners who are on the same self-improvement journey as you. Meet our top content creators and teachers, and plug into a constant source of inspiration, education, information, training, wisdom, and fun.

Your Total Access subscription gives you admission to any Life Live event in your market. If you can’t make the live event or can’t reach one geographically, or if you just prefer watching the event from the comfort of your own home, your Total Access subscription grants you admission to all of our live and web broadcast events from around the world. Watch all of them that were conducted that month if you like. It’s all available to you!

Leadership Platform

The Leadership Platform contains an enormous library of video, audio, and articles from the world’s top experts in categories such as leadership, communication, inspiration, business, entrepreneurialism, etc. This also includes a digital subscription to Success magazine, including all of its monthly audio content.

The Leadership Platform provides professional training in communication, goal setting, sales, entrepreneurialism, leadership, and success. This unique online educational tool, also available as a mobile app, was created with you in mind – by giving you access to the best content in the market and allowing you to save files to a personal playlist for repeated use.

The Leadership Platform contains a massive array of unmatched digital content including over 1,300 audios, 200+ book summaries, more than 1,000 exclusive Success magazine articles with monthly audio interviews and over 400 videos; all from top business and thought leaders in the world today.

Audio Books

Reading just got easier! Life Leadership is pleased to include our top-selling Obstacles Press audio books to all Total Access subscribers. Too busy to read the physical or ebook? Perhaps you just learn better through listening? Or maybe you like to supplement your reading by listening to audio books? Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Subscribers to Total Access will receive unlimited access to our top-selling audio books either on their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

Easy, portable, and under your control, now you don’t have to spend extra money to get the audio books you want. You’ll learn leadership principles, relationship skills, public speaking techniques, problem solving principles, and conflict resolution techniques, to list only a few. In short, the Audio Book section of your Total Access subscription has so many hours of listening and learning that it just may become your favorite portion of the subscription. Also, look for new titles to be added on a regular basis.

Power Sales University

Begin an exciting journey of becoming truly the best, a Master Closer. A Master Closer is a master communicator and can sell any product or service to anyone, whether it is over the phone or face to face, regardless of the industry. The skills you will learn will catapult you to a whole new level no matter what you sell, what industry you are in and regardless of how short or long your sales cycle is. Whether you are just beginning in sales, you are intermediate, advanced, or you already consider yourself a Master Closer, everyone who applies the principles taught from the Power Sales University will benefit. Enroll NOW!

Rascal Radio

Rascal Radio is the world's first online/mobile customizable personal development radio station. A lot like Pandora does with music, Rascal Radio randomizes talks by some of the world's top leadership experts, life coaches, best selling authors, and speakers. Sort by speaker, category, and language to create customized stations that speak just to you!

Get life-changing information for improving every area of life, drawing upon thousands of audio recordings by category experts.

Language Learning

There’s no such thing as a universal language. As the world shrinks and your markets grow, the need to know a second or third language is no longer an option, it’s a must! Let Total Access be your language lab. Select from more than 90 language options and learn with specialized software that’s outcome driven and personalized, with measurable results. Learn your new language faster and better with training that uses proven methods and breakthrough technology.


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